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Black Triangle Bonding

Treating Open Gingival Embrasures

One of the elements of an attractive and healthy smile is the appearance of gum tissue between the teeth. As the gums arch from tooth to tooth, the tissue should firmly hug the contours of each one, revealing no space below the point the adjacent teeth contact each other.

About black triangles or open embrasures

The name for the pointed tissue between each tooth is the gum papilla, and the space it occupies is called an embrasure.

When a flattened or receded gum papilla develops between the teeth, open embrasures commonly called “black triangles,” are revealed. Typically, due to gum recession, bone loss, tooth misalignment, harsh brushing, or other issues, these unsightly spaces can compromise smile aesthetics and act as a food and debris trap to further contribute to periodontal problems.

Closing open embrasures with dental bonding

Dental bonding is a versatile cosmetic procedure that provides a minimally invasive and quick method for closing unsightly embrasure spaces. It involves the application of natural-looking, tooth-colored composite resin to buildup and recontour the teeth abutting the embrasure space. As meticulously applied and seamlessly matched to the exact shade of your teeth, dental bonding follows the natural outlines of the teeth to increase their dimensions and eliminate the black triangle. Dental bonding helps to restore a more flawless look that blends perfectly with your smile. It also supports easier dental hygiene by preventing food and debris from accumulating in the open embrasures.

Our experienced professional team uses the latest generations of bonding materials and provides skilled care with an artistic touch to create naturally beautiful results.

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