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Mona Lisa Therapy Dog

Dentist in La Jolla

We are proud to introduce our office Therapy Dog, Mona Lisa, to our practice! Dr. Tracy Taddey adopted Mona from the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. Mona provides soothing pet therapy during dental appointments to our patients who request her presence. Mona will curl up on your lap and soothe all of those anxious dental thoughts away, and only requires lots of affection in return!

******* As featured on USAToday.com - Pet Talk - Mona Makes the Perfect Dental Assistant

Tracy Taddey, DDS, John Taddey, DDS | Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentisty and Digital Radiography

"If only I lived in La Jolla....
I just read the USAtoday.com article about little Mona Lisa and your dental practice. I sure wish I lived in La Jolla! I would certainly make you my dentist. I don't have any insurance so I don't go to the dentist anyway, but I am sure that it would be much more enjoyable if I had little Mona on my lap.
Good luck. Maybe this article about your office will give some incite for other dentists and doctors to think about it"

Victoria, from Clovis, CA (an animal lover!)

******* As featured in The California Dental Association Journal Article, March 2011

Pooch in the Practice: Mona Lisa Makes Patients Smile

******* Read a blog from DOGSTER.COM

Better Than Laughing Gas: Dental Office Therapy Dog, Mona

Tracy Taddey, DDS, John Taddey, DDS | Sedation Dentistry, Dental Cleanings and Zoom  Whitening
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